December Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

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December’s Desktop and Mobile Background freebies are posted! Sorry for the wait!

The last couple of month’s have been a doozy for our family. My husband was encouraged by a friend to apply for a position in Okinawa, Japan. Coming to that decision was pretty easy. Answers to prayers came quickly. We both knew it was the right thing for our family to do. Once we knew we were moving we had a lot to do. We were in the middle of remodeling our home already. I had no plan to sell our house before this.  I just wanted to update it from 1994 a bit. WE still had a number of projects to finish in order to get the house ready to sell.

Can I just say having movers, contractors, and trying to sell your house all at once was one of the dumber things I’ve done in life. Don’t do it. I mean, you are probably much more intelligent than me and wouldn’t put yourself in this type of situation in the first place. Learn from me on this one. Really.

Happily we were able to sell the house to a friend of a friend without having to list it. So that took care of one stress. Which left that one little stress of MOVING TO ANOTHER COUNTRY.

Traveling here took 24 hours. WE time traveled a little while we were at it. We left Utah Sunday morning at 8 AM and arrived in Naha, Okinawa Monday night at 9:30 PM. The boys were champs. The 11 hour flight from San Francisco to Tokyo was the longest stretch and they did great!  So basically, I’ve been a little busy. Things should hopefully settle down a little for us soon!

Now onto the backgrounds.  This baby is the ONLY Christmas decoration we have in our hotel room right now. The rest of our stuff is in a box in a warehouse somewhere.  Super festive around here I tell ya!

I ran across these AWESOME Christmas Collection designs and fell in love! The font is Carolinea.

It’s available in the Custom, Basic, and Background versions. So have at it!

The mobile backgrounds is available in both the basic version and calendar versions this month.


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  1. Becky Brum on December 7, 2016 at 8:55 am

    I love your backgrounds each month and I’m glad you’re back. Best of luck to your family and settling in to your new country. Happy Holidays!