February Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

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New month and new Leelou Blogs desktop and mobile background freebies for your enjoyment! I may or may not have channeled a 7 year old girl I know for these. Just a little pink and glitter to get your through the month!

I tried to make this month’s backgrounds festive without totally screaming VALENTINES DAY! I slipped a few hearts into the pink glittery goodness that are this month’s backgrounds. I had to laugh at my choice of picture of me and the hubby smooching. It’s pretty frowned upon in Japan to show public displays of affection like kissing.

Update about the Biz: Lot’s of plans and some good changes are coming to Leelou. I’m working on updating a few things for the website, adding a few more blog pre-mades, and a few other fun things! Right now I’m just catching up work. As much as I love my laptop, I really missed having my dual monitors!

Quick Update about the Fam: We’re on month 2 of living in Japan. We’ve finally got a home that we’re renting and it miraculously has a bedroom for each child. It’s the least I can do after forcing them to share a hotel room for nearly 7 weeks. The best part is we FINALLY have internet hooked up.  It was a bit of challenge working from home without it for a couple of weeks! But so far we’re loving our experience here!

Now onto the Backgrounds!

We’ve got our Custom, Calendar, and Basic Background Freebies for Desktop.

The mobile backgrounds is available in both the basic version and calendar versions this month.