August 2019 Device Backgrounds

Click Here to Download

How to Install as a desktop background

  1. Click the download link above (the desktop will automatically download to your computer)
  2. Go to downloaded image and right-click
  3. Click “Set as desktop background” or “Set desktop picture”
  4. You’re done!

How to Install as a mobile background


  1. Long-press the Home screen.
  2. Choose the Set Wallpaper or Wallpapers command or icon.
  3. Choose the wallpaper type. …
  4. If prompted, choose the wallpaper you want from the list. …
  5. Touch the Save, Set Wallpaper, or Apply button to confirm your selection.


  1. Launch the Settings app from your iPhone or iPad Home screen.
  2. Tap on Wallpaper.
  3. Tap on one of your current wallpaper images to enter Preview mode.
  4. In Preview mode, you can change how you want your image to be displayed. Tap the option of your choice:
  5. Tap Set.


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